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Smart Home Solution



Smart home automation in any home

While the way that we build homes has remained relatively unchanged over the decades, the amount of technology that we’re including in them is changing faster than most of us can keep up with today.

Getting ahead on the latest technology doesn’t have to mean adding more complex features just for the sake of “adding more” to lifestyles. With Loxone, technology runs in the background to support lifestyles.

Custom Builds

There’s a reason you go for a custom build. You want a home that fits your unique lifestyle. That’s exactly where Loxone takes your smart home to the next level; by completely adapting it to meet your needs with true automation.


When you decide to remodel, it’s not only about improving the way an existing space looks but also improving the way it operates. Everything is efficiently controlled whether you’re home or away. Save on time and energy costs without even trying.

Vacation Home

Your vacation home is meant to be a place to get away, not get more work. With Loxone home automation, all tasks relating to comfort, security, energy, and more are taken care of on their own whether you’re home or away.

Apartment / MDU

The demand for smart homes is stretching even further into MDUs. Attract more renters with an unmatched living experience and add value to units while also protecting them from potential damage. Discover possibilities in apartments, townhomes, condos and more.

Total control in the
Loxone App

Whether iOS or Android on your smartphone or tablet, for your lighting, heating, home security or even your pool or car charger – the Loxone App lets you control it all from any location.

   – Lighting colors, brightness
   – Check security & alarms
   – Music interface with Favorites, Grouping and more
   – Video intercom image and interaction
   – Scheduling modes for climate control

Why remodel with Loxone?

When you decide to remodel, it’s not only about improving an existing space but also improving your lifestyle. With Loxone smart home automation, you get the best of both. Everything is efficiently controlled whether you’re home or away. You save on time and energy costs without even trying.

What can I remodel with Loxone?
Start small, dream big – there’s a reliable automation solution that works for any size project.

How can I remodel with Loxone?
A certified Loxone installer can automate lighting and way more than other ‘smart solutions’. Systems work together on their own to improve comfort, influence wellbeing and more for your unique needs.

Learn more about the five main ways Loxone automation simply works for you:
-Save 50,000 tasks, enjoy more time to live. More functionality with Loxone brings more ways to save and time to live.
-Intelligent functionality. Easily bring truly automated lighting, HVAC, security and more into any existing space.
-Scalable & flexible. If your needs change, there’s always room for future expansion.
-Reliable & secure. Our wireless products are just as reliable and secure as wired versions.
-Simple control, yet rarely needed. Minimize switches but have everything under control.

50,000 less tasks, more time to live: Loxone takes care of most tasks automatically – giving you back time to enjoy yourself.

Comprehensive solution: We offer a complete solution meaning that whatever your requirements are we can help you.

All-round security: We offer security that goes beyond protection from break-in – our security protects the building, offers privacy to occupants and more…

Save energy costs: We use a range of intelligent techniques to ensure that you save money on your energy bill.

Easy to control: With just as little as one tap you can manually control lighting, blinds, audio and more if you’d like to.

the Smart Home

We’ll take you on a virtual tour to show you what it’s like to live in a smart home.
Check out the lighting, access control, burglar alarm and much more.

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Scalable & flexible

No matter if you’re remodeling a loft, kitchen or any space you spend time in, it’s easy to transform it into a truly intelligent environment. Start simple, expand as your needs change. With mesh technology, you get a wider range and 360 approach.

Reliable & secure

Our wireless Air products have fully encrypted communication backed up by constantly updated, free software. As a non-network-based solution, the system remains completely reliable and secure. This can’t be offered by other solutions on the market (i.e. Z-wave, Zigbee).

Simple control

With our Touch switch, you can replace and minimize switches throughout the home. With just a tap on one of its five Touch points, you can control lighting, blinds, music and more. Loxone is even a sensible replacement for outdated systems, such as LiteTouch.

The 360º smart home system

Discover the many uses of Loxone and how the system constantly adapts to your needs whether you’re home or away. Lights automatically deactivate when nobody is present, standby devices will turn off when you leave and the building will always adjust your optimal temperature efficiently in each room.

Lighting control

The smart home knows how to adjust all lights automatically.

Heating and cooling

Automate any HVAC and save up to 40% on energy costs!


Control alarms, intercom, and more in the Loxone App.

Energy management

Lights, HVAC, blinds work as a team with energy efficiency as the goal.

Access control

Customize your access control and codes entirely to your needs.

Multiroom audio

Benefit from way more than just music in each room with the Audioserver.

Shading control

Motorized blinds do their job to help cool or heat rooms, or function with lighting.

Ambient Assisted Living

Fully integrated AAL products help residents live more independently.


Easily control and monitor water features, irrigation, lights and more.

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